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I’m Violet Earl and can be contacted at dogpatch18200@gmail.com or 620-433-1991.

I’ve been raising Shetland Sheepdogs since the late 70’s. I was mentored by a Sheltie breeder who showed and bred champion bloodlines. Using her stud dog for my foundation stock, I began breeding shelties.

I added Pomeranians to the group in 1992; added the first Cavaliers in 2004; and then a couple of poodles in 2006 to produce the popular hybrids.

We have continued to improve our facilities and management of the dogs. Continuing education is included in our quest for improvement by attending programs such as those offered under the “Kansas Excellence through Education Program”. We are members of the Kansas Pet Professional Association.

The kennel is licensed with both state and federal, having 4 different inspectors; state, federal, veterinarian, and AKC.

When requested, we do arrange for shipment of our puppies, either by air or with ground transport services. Many times, if possible, we will drive to deliver or meet customers. Of course, customers are always welcome to come here to see the puppies, parents, and facilities.

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  • New litter of sheltie puppies born today, 7-25.
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  • New litter of sheltie pups born today, 8/8
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